Creating Space for Transformation

What sets Opened Culture apart is our support for advancing comprehensive strategy that transcends the commodification of open education and piecemeal adoption of open practices. We help communities increase access to education through the following actions:

Strategic Culture Change

We focus on changing the institutional culture to deeply integrate openness, going beyond surface-level adoption of open educational resources and practices.

Professional Learning

We help address the unique challenges and opportunities of each institution, facilitating tailored strategies for fostering and sustaining an opened culture.

Community Empowerment

We maintain a vibrant community of practice that supports sustained engagement with cultures of openness, enabling shared learning and innovation across institutions.

“Opened Culture frees us from the limitations of situating open education as the mere creation of products, moving us towards the formation of inclusive communities that cultivate and sustain open practices and pedagogy.”

Angela Gunder, Ph.D.

Principal & Founder, Opened Culture

Living Our Values

Our vision is to be the catalyst for a global transformation in education, where communities, irrespective of their sociocultural backgrounds, harness the power of opened culture to create inclusive, collaborative, and innovative learning environments.

We believe that an opened culture:

  • Encourages widespread sharing
  • Makes commitments to access
  • Recognizes the efforts of its community
  • Protects authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability
  • Fosters a spirit of iteration and collaboration
  • Is humanized and learner-centered
  • Emphasizes people over products
  • Showcases the many works of its community

We contend that:

  • Openness in education is NOT inherently guaranteed, and it takes intentionality, action, resources (i.e. time, money, people), and trust to be open
  • Beyond the focus on the production of open educational resources, openness is sustained through the instantiation and development of an opened culture
  • Opened culture grows by dismantling institutional silos in support of shared governance, leadership, and advocacy of openness
  • Leadership that can achieve the promise of openness and access in education will be representative of the communities served by that leadership

Stay apprised of the transformational work of our thriving community as we
foster growth, equity, and access in an ever-evolving educational landscape.